Vasectomy Cost

You may be thinking about getting a vasectomy because you have heard it is the best form of birth control available. You may have found this website because you are interested in getting more vasectomy info or information on vasectomy reversal. Here you will find all you need to know and how much a vasectomy cost you.

First off I will tell you personally having this done is definitely the best form of birth control available if you wish to no longer be able to get anyone pregnant at all. Almost all doctors will tell you to treat this procedure as a permanent form of birth control because it is not 100 percent reversible. And even thought this is considered to also be the least expensive birth control it is very expensive to reverse it.

Cost Of A Vasectomy

When it comes to knowing the cost of a vasectomy there are a couple of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Some of the factors are which type of procedure is being done scalpel or no scalpel and the area where you live seems to have an affect on this as well.

The average cost of a vasectomy is about $750 this includes the initial operation and follow up sperm counts. You may be wondering what I am talking about when I say follow up sperm counts. After having this procedure done the will still be some sperm that are in the vas tubes that were cut that can be ejaculated during sex. It often takes up to eight weeks and or twenty ejaculations to get this extra sperm out.

But the $750 mentioned above is only an average that can vary greatly depending on the circumstances. Some places charge over $1000 and some times you can find this being done for around $500. Also if you factor in vasectomy reversal cost then that changes the cost a lot seeing how a reversal can cost ten times more than a vasectomy.